This is a must read by every phone users. Because of the terrible situation of light where I currently stay, I’ve decided to add phone charging to the list of services I render.

I have “I pass my neighbor” generator but the popular view here is that small generators shorting battery life.

Most people I’ve spoken to about it advised me against it and told me they won’t even patronize me. But is it really true that small generators damage phone batteries?

Consider this:-

1. Electric current is measured in volts.

2. Coil is the primary source of electric current.

3. For the coil to produce electric current, there must be an energy that drives/powers the coil.

4. The energy might be wind turbine, solar panel, water(hydro) turbine, petrol/diesel engine etc.

5. The number of Wats produced by a particular unit of generator could be determined by the strength of the force (energy) that drives/powers it and is measured in Horsepower(HP).

6. The current thus produced is called Alternate Current (AC).

7. Phone batteries are charged with Direct Current (DC).

8. It is the duty of phone chargers to covert AC to DC in order to charge the phone.

9. Most phone chargers accept voltage between 100-220V.

10. What phones recognize is the number of volts (voltage) that flows from the charger…

11. What chargers recognize is the number of volts that flows from the AC.


It does not mater the size of your generator, what matters is the output voltage and the stability.

A PHCN light of 110V will charge a phone slower than a small generator that produces 200V all things being equal.

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