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Afternoon all, I will go straight to the point pls. Pls pardon any grammatical error thanks

I have a cousin sister that’s suffering from leg problem for the past 3 years. I don’t know if this arthritis because I have researched online and what she’s passing through is pointing to arthritis but I still can’t figure it out because it’s worse than what I’m seeing. (She’s from ogoni)

A brief summary of her: she’s currently 23 years old and this sickness started when she was 20. I wasn’t aware all this while but from what she told me, before this problem started she stepped on something and felt a very sharp pain and hotness in her right foot.

That moment she couldn’t walk until they called a traditionalist that massaged it and gave her herbs too before she was fine. He later said it was poison she matched.

Not until midnight again she started having serious pains and General body hotness. They tried the man’s number again but he wasn’t picking up and immediately they rushed her to church. After some prayers it reduced a bit but wasn’t over yet.

They called back the man again in the morning but he got angry why they took her to somewhere else so he never came. So they brought another man that worked on the leg for a while and she was better

After a year, the leg problem started again. And this time it got worse. She can’t open her legs (Thighs). Anytime she trieds to do it the pains is always unbearable.

And also have severe pains in both knees. She can’t walk properly without pains. She bends while walking like someone with some kind of deformity?

As a matter of fact if she tries walking the knee is giving a loud sound like they are using hammer to hit it. This has been going on for the past 3 years and considering how young she is I feel really terrible about it.

She has been on several kinds of drugs and injections and calcium supplements. The pains reduces but always come back.

The knee cracking is always there and it’s very loud. I have done Xray on the leg and the result reads her both knees are normal.

I got a man that’s good in massaging to massage her. I had so much confidence in him because when my mom broke her leg he was the one that fixed it.

He assured me she would walk after he works on her. he believes it’s because it’s been threee years that’s why the knees are cracking and also why she couldn’t widen her legs.

According to him the nerves are stiff. He massaged her for a month and some weeks. The the massage helped in controlling the pains a bit but she still can’t live without drugs.

The knees are still cracking, still couldn’t open the legs wide apart. The man is even tired now and now believing it’s not ordinary.

Currently, I’m planning on her going native way(spiritual way) for them to find out if it’s something or someone behind this because a lot of money has been wasted regarding this with no solution

Pls good people, doctors and traditionalists. We need a solution for this as this just can’t be her fate because she’s too young. 3 years wasted already. This gets me worried over and over again and the emotional and psychological traumas she goes through everyday is just something I can’t explain.


1 want to thank everyone for your contributions and advice and also use this moment to appeal to anyone that’s willing to help. I just want to see her get back to her feet because 3 years is wasted already.

Sometimes I blame the mother for not taking her to the hospital but what do I know. She can’t even afford three squaremeal talk more hospital bills.

The father is married to somone else and don’t even care about her. I’m just trying to help out of pity. Her situation is pathetic and she can’t continue to live this way.

If I don’t even do anything then I’m afraid this could be her fate because everyone is neglecting her. Who do you blame even when everyone around u is poor and you live in the village.

The load now is just on me and I feel really bad I can’t do much to help her but the same time it hurts me she has to live this way until a help comes.

I know how much I have spent on drugs and supplements not including the amount I paid for the massage because I never thought it was this serious. Only felt it was a dislocated bone or so.

So pls guys I know it’s difficult trying to help a stranger talk more someone from a faceless forum.

Anyone reading this and willing to help just comment. Thank you

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