Talking about memery lane, I know a lot of us did some very crazy things back in secondary school so I will love us to share any experience you had to lie one yeye lie just to avoid punishment.

Then in my secondary school, flogging on the ass was like everyday routine (touch your toe).

As in those teachers were so mean and they had the specialist in flogging that when they call those two teachers for flogging you know that your own is finished.

Their own flogging dey penetrate die, no hard man for that one, you ass must burn. This one no guy man can form strong man when when girls were there you must jumb or run or cry.

So I entered yawa one day, I was in the boarding house but I sneaked out of school one day and came back the next day as a day student thinking I won’t be caught be behold I enter one chance.

This one now was assembly matter where all those my small small junior girls I use to form big boy for where all there.

They now called one of the specialist in flogging omo immediately my liver has already dropped because I knew I must Jones once that flogging touch my ass.

Immediately I just remembered one yeye lie and now quickly told the teacher in his ear that I have pile in my ass which was so painful (God forbid and forgive me) and that was why I left school because I was scared and I didn’t know what to do.

As in that lie just felt like if one Angle just came down from heaven. They now told me I was going to wash toilet as my punishment.

I swear though the toilet is crazy as I have to pound a lot of poo that has filled up the toilet, that was so much better than that ass flogging that can make someone on sit down well for days with the embarrassment on top of it when na one pant I wear inside my trousers.

Well that’s way back. I would love to read other peoples story.

What Hilarious Lie Did You Tell In Secondary School To Avoid Punishment?

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