I’m writing this post with a heavy heart.

So I’m 21 and I finished secondary school at age 17 (2015) and to be honest I just got admission this year to study pharmacy while my mates are in their final year and it hurts alot because my mum keeps telling me that my cousin is in final year and is about serving next year and I’m just gaining admission to a university, she even uses her friend’s child as an example and it made me go into a Little depression, I actually felt sad because for the first time a comparison actually hit me…

She claims they (my parents)are supposed to be resting and not paying school fee. That I’m stressing them and ever since I was a teenager I always vowed that I wanted to leave my father house before 25yrs of age

Now I’m studying a 5 years course (7 years to become a full graduate) and by then I’ll be 28 I actually feel ashamed because this isn’t what I wanted since I left secondary school.

I wanted to finish on time and remove the burden from them

I’ve never failed jamb, my least Score was 245 but circumstances kept dragging me back

I finished my ND program in 2017 (Distinction in SLT Yabatech)

So it feels more like I’m perambulating up and down and don’t know what I want for my self but I actually do!!

I need an advice or something to make me feel better or confident about my self

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